Mango Hill Cottages &
Hill Of Promise Winery

  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Private Cottage
  • Double From $150 Per Night
  • Free Wine Tasting!

Mango Hill Cottages &
Hill Of Promise Winery

  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Private Cottage
  • Double From $150 Per Night
  • Free Wine Tasting!

Mango Hill Cottages &
Hill Of Promise Winery

  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Private Cottage
  • Double From $150 Per Night
  • Free Wine Tasting!

Mango Hill Cottages &
Hill Of Promise Winery

  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Private Cottage
  • Double From $150 Per Night
  • Free Wine Tasting!

ciao tutti!! It’s SATURDAY.

April 4, 2020

ciao tutti! It’s Saturday… time to cover the workspace and close the door, if possible.
the Little Cellar Rat thinks that a simple frittata would go over just nicely for lunch on this (hopefully) relaxing just-for-YOU day.
Left-over sliced or diced English potato, sweet potato, and whatever other veges fit the bill along with a couple of eggs, tasty grated cheese, S and P and fresh herbs (if you have some on hand).
Cook in small batches is one way to go, even using 2 x smallish non-stick pans.
Terranzo the winemaker whipped this up for us for lunch earlier this week.
Delizioso! buon appetito!

ciao tutti! Friday Morning Magic Moment

April 3, 2020

Terranzo the Winemaker and Maria the Little Cellar Rat enjoy breakfast 10 months out of 12 on the back deck. It faces north and is the sunniest spot. We have birdsong to lift our hearts and a view to the green hills as a feast for the eyes.
Our house was built over a century ago by the Burton Family, early pioneers in the cane industry. As we survey the beauty of the hills around us and the richness of the red soil, we often feel their presence and appreciate their vision and hard work.
This morning’s ‘Moment of Magic’ was the vision of fountains of water penetrating the trees that border the canefield up the hill.
We are blessed indeed! Fresh air, sunshine and plenty of space in these stormy times.
a domani!


March 30, 2020

ciao tutti! ‘All work and no play’ is not advisable for any of us. If you have Other Family Members working from home or Kids with an ‘Early Start to the Easter Vac’, PLAN FOR PANCAKES for Morning Tea break. OFM / the kids can whip them up. They can be as big/small, basic or fancy as you like: sliced bananas or any fresh fruit, a drizzle of honey, spoon of ice-cream or yoghurt and DON’T FORGET THE DUSTING OF ICING SUGAR. Use some of those nice plates you have + a knife and fork. delizioso! buona cucina e buon appetito!
PS IF like the Little Cellar Rat you are GF, GF SR flour is fine to use. Pancakes are great fresh. If you have any left-over, keep refrigerated and reheat in Microwave on MEDIUM.
The Cellar Door might be closed but Phone + Mail orders are still do-able and welcome 4126 3470 0408 875 305
Stay safe, stay smiling and remember we’re all in this together!

ciao tutti! daily doses of vitamins D and N

March 30, 2020

ciao tutti!! How are all our WFH-ers?
Have you had your dose of Vitamin D and N (that’s N for nature) yet today? There is a little touch of autumn in the air so, if your situation allows, put on your Shady Lady Hat and take a stroll …. if you are looking, you will find Friday Surprises all around you, like this lichen on the Jagera tree near TLCR’s clothesline.
‘Stay safe, stay smiling and remember we are all in this together.’
a domani!

ciao tutti! Put on the lipstick….

March 30, 2020

ciao tutti! Today’s post is for all of us WFH’ers (Work From Home-ers) …. the Little Cellar Rat has belonged to this group for some years now. She makes no claims to be an expert but finds these help:
1. Wear your favourite and most flattering lipstick.
2. Brush your hair regularly – it’s a wonderful, inexpensive massage for the scalp.
3. We’ re up to our elbows in hand sanitisers but a hand wash with Lemon, Patchouli or scented geranium is my favourite. Don’t stop at the hands, a face wash refreshes too. A shower break with your fave shower gel re-calibrates the body and mind.
4. Set the alarm for a Reading Reward Break…. a slice of Vasco Pyjama, Mr Curly and Michael LEUNIG is on the menu for TLCR today.
è basta…… alla prossima!!
‘Stay safe, keep smiling and remember we’re in this together’

CIAO TUTTI…… from the Little Cellar Rat

March 24, 2020

ciao tutti! As posted yesterday, the Cellar Door is CLOSED FOR TASTINGS (mail + phone orders still do-able) and I committed to putting a post on each day…. mainly USEFUL TIPS FROM THE LITTLE CELLAR RAT. If nothing else, let’s hope they put a SMILE ON THE DIAL.
-re-cycling 2L clear plastic fruit juice bottles ( milk bottles work just as well. M b’s have the advantage of a handle.)
Top half makes the best funnel ever! Say ARRIVEDERCI to spilled sugar or rice.
Bottom half – Uses limited only by your imagination. Rectangular shape uses space efficiently.
All feedback and related tips welcome.
Stay safe, smile and remember …. we’re in this together.
alla prossima!!

Lunch for TLCR…. Quick and delicious!

March 16, 2020

the Little Cellar Rat dined on this yesterday and she had to share it with you: hummous, BUCKS BUTCHERY CHILDERS shaved smoked ham, baby bocconcini (marinated by TLCR) and cocktail tomatoes to finish. Oh, nearly forgot to mention the fresh basil from the Winery Herb patch…. DELIZIOSO!!!

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme….

March 1, 2020

Fresh herbs make a world of difference to simple dishes.
The Little Cellar Rat has some very healthy looking rosemary and tarragon in the winery herb patch. When you visit the Cellar Door, make sure you walk away with some. Roast lamb with rosemary…. just has to be! But don’t limit this very versatile herb to the lamb, it works so well with a tray bake of mixed veggies.
buona cucina!

frittelle di cavalfiore (Cauliflower Fritters)

February 26, 2020

The Little Cellar Rat likes to have something in the fridge for a quick lunch.
She pulled these together very quickly this week and is loving them…. they tick most of the boxes: tasty, easy-peasy to make, will keep in the fridge and can be used in many ways.

Did I mention the Smoked Ham or bacon (optional) came from our local BUCKS BUTCHERY CHILDERS.

frittelle di cavolfiore

• 1 X small cauliflower, cut into florets
• 1 X egg
• approx 1/3 cup milk
• ½ cup SR Gf flour
• 3 tablespoons parmesan cheese
• chopped shallots
• minced garlic to taste
• chopped fresh herbs (basil, thyme, Italian parsley)
• Salt and pepper to taste
• few shakes smoky paprika
• finely chopped ham or bacon (optional)

Steam cauliflower and chill (cook a day or two before and leave in fridge)
Mash with potato masher.
Add egg, milk, cheese, herbs etc and mix well.
Add good olive oil to non-stick pan, cook as with other fritters – use about 1 dessertspoon, spread out with silicon spoon.
Turn with silicon spoon and a second spoon, so as not to break up.

Can be reheated in microwave.

Buon appetito!

What’s for lunch??

February 23, 2020

The Little Cellar Rat likes to have something ready in the fridge for a quick lunch, especially when time is in short supply. A QUICHE is a good old faithful stand-by.
It’s tasty, nutritious and, with a quick salad and spoon of Mango chutney or tomato Relish, really ticks the box for ‘satisfaction’. TLCR has worked out a good GF pastry base and finely sliced ham or bacon from BUCKS BUTCHERY CHILDERS takes it to the #1 level. Simple to reheat in the MickeyWave or have as is in the lunch box. buon appetito!

The Perfect Stop-Over Point to
Explore South East Queensland

  • Located at our winery - Hill Of Promise!
  • Situated half-way between Brisbane & Rockhampton
  • 40 minutes to Bundaberg
  • 50 minutes to Maryborough
  • 30 minutes to Woodgate beach
  • 60 minutes to Hervey Bay & Departure points for Fraser Island & Lady Elliott Island
  • 2.25 hours to 1770 - The departure point for Lady Musgrave Island