Mango Hill Cottages &
Hill Of Promise Winery

  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Private Cottage
  • Double From $150 Per Night
  • Free Wine Tasting!

Mango Hill Cottages &
Hill Of Promise Winery

  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Private Cottage
  • Double From $150 Per Night
  • Free Wine Tasting!

Mango Hill Cottages &
Hill Of Promise Winery

  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Private Cottage
  • Double From $150 Per Night
  • Free Wine Tasting!

Mango Hill Cottages &
Hill Of Promise Winery

  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Private Cottage
  • Double From $150 Per Night
  • Free Wine Tasting!

ciao tutti….. set them up for success

April 29, 2020

ciao tutti!! Adding to yesterday’s post about teaching kids/ partner/ grandkids how to feed themselves: The Little Cellar Rat learned early on that a carafe, jug or bottle of water at the hand + ready when cooking, is essential and invaluable.
It might sound like COOKING 101 but it simply works and de-stresses. whenever that dash or two of water is needed, it’s ‘no problemo’!
buona cucina!

ciao tutti…… NANNA GELSO is back!

April 28, 2020

Yes, NANNA GGELSO 2018 our sweet red blend settled down post-bottling, the labels arrived and all is ready for mail or phone orders.
It’s light and lively and still a little bit cheeky! With notes of ripe berry fruits it reflects the carefree days of summer gatherings, echoing those times throughout the year.

Still $20 per bottle/ $240 per case. Owing to government regulations the Cellar Door is still closed, but please phone, as we can process credit card over the phone and talk about collection or arranging delivery, especially for the Bundaberg, Hervey Bay and Maryborough areas.

07 4126 3470 07 4126 1311 0408 875 305 e:

ciao tutti! How are the WFHers faring?

April 22, 2020

It’s Wednesday! How are the WFHers faring and are you staying safe and sane.

Wednesday….hmmmmm. Few other words in the English language give as much trouble as this word when it comes to spelling. Like 6 out of 7 days of the week in English, this word comes from Norse culture. Think of it as Woden’s Day, named in honour of Woden, aka Odin, the Norse god of lightning and thunder. Woden is depicted riding in a chariot drawn by goats and with a hammer in his hand. Practical man by the sounds of it!
The words for this day of the week in French and Italian are based on the Roman god, Mercury (Messenger of the gods) so we have ‘mercredi’ in French and ‘mercoledì’ in Italian. If you squint and turn your head slightly to the side you will see the word ‘mercury’ in both! Oh, that’s not a typo with the words in lower case. Both French and Italian do NOT capitalise the days of the week.
alla prossima!!

ciao tutti…. ah, it’s Sunday!

April 19, 2020

Ciao to all the WFH’ers! It’s Sunday and that means time for soaking up the deliciousness of the Weekend to read, eat lunch at a civil 3pm or do whatever balances out the working week.
It’s overcast here on the Hill, the mock oranges are in flower and it looks as if rain is on the menu. Here’s hoping that’s a YES as everything could do with a good drink.

Enjoy your Sunday ….another day of the week that reflects our Anglo-Saxon heritage. In German it’s der Sonntag, in French ‘dimanche’ in Italian ‘domenica’, so different as they are both Romance languages (not Flowers and violins… from Roman/ Latin)
alla prossima!

ciao tutti….. It’s Saturday!

April 18, 2020

ciao tutti!! Saturday and the weather is glorious, even if a tad on the hot side. All the more reason for getting outside to stock up on your Vitamin D and N levels.
Another post from la cucina: if you haven’t made BAKED RICE for ages, it’s time to make amends. It’s ultra easy, delicious and one that the kids can make any time. Recipes from CWA cookbooks, favourite Great Aunt (good excuse to phone and check up on them) or Mr Google.
Mine is based on powdered milk, Arboria rice which results in delicious creaminess, but any medium grain will do. Don’t forget the strips of fresh lemon, vanilla and the italian ‘pinch of salt’ which is 3 fingers + the thumb! If you have them on hand, throw some raisins, sultanas or mixed fruit in the bottom of the dish. buona cucina… buon appetito!

ciao tutti! Hmm …. what’s for lunch?

April 15, 2020

ciao tutti! Wednesday brings a tinch of cooler weather and thoughts turn to ….. SOUP!
The Little Cellar Rat’s suggestion for a hasty, tasty lunch – Jazzed Up Tomato Soup. Start with your favourite tinned soup, grate in some tasty cheese, bless with a sprinkling of Italian herbs, smoky paprika and a kiss of chilli flakes… and you’re almost done. Add some fingers of toast spread with perhaps hummus. Oh, if you have chorizo or a little bacon, a sprinkle of either adds the finale.
buon appetito! buona cucina! a domani.
Stay safe, stay smiling and remember we are all in this together

ciao tutti … buona pasqua!

April 14, 2020

ciao tutti! It’s Easter Tuesday and the sun is bathing us here on The Hill in its buttery creaminess.
The days have been warm but that sting of the summer sun has been put to the side.
For all the Working From Homers it’s back to the desk/computer. by now you will have worked out very practical strategies for being productive and staying sane. don’t forget to get you daily does of Vitamins D and N(ature).
The Little Cellar Rat picked up these gorgeous gems on her morning walk. Like other CHILDERS WALKERS she is loving the new stretch of red footpath along Lions Drive. Thank you, Bundaberg Regional Council!

Stay safe, stay smiling and remember that we are all in this together.
alla prossima!

ciao tutti! Good Friday menu

April 10, 2020

ciao tutti! Fish or seafood is most likely on your Good Friday Menu and no doubt there will be a wedge or two of lemon or lime. Before you discard them, use the segments to give the plates and pan a good wipe out.
If you have one or two still left over, throw them into the washing up water. The fishy smell will be g-o-n-s-k-y! buona cucina… alla prossima!

ciao tutti! caponata coming up

April 8, 2020

The Little Cellar Rat made ‘caponata’ on the weekend. That’s lunch sorted for a few days.
Chunks of capsicum and wedges of eggplant (don’t peel or salt, no need to if they are young with tight skins, just slice off stalk end.) Use an oven pan with sides approx 3cm, give them a massage in EVO Oil and roast in med-hot oven.
Put in wide-mouthed jar, anoint with usual suspects and herbs of your choosing. Some chilli flakes add a surprise. Put on Dean Martin and ‘VOLARE’ You’ll need nothing else!
buona cucina, buon appetito!
Stay safe, stay smiling and remember we’re all in this together.
à domani, amici e amiche

ciao tutti! Begone…. cut onion smell on hands!

April 7, 2020

ciao tutti! The early mornings here on the Hill have a distinctly autumn feel and the Little Cellar Rat is enjoying the freshness and cool that April is bringing.
Post for today is a Kitchen tip: finding it a challenge to get rid of the smell of cut onions from your hands? TLCR has a nifty little Stainless Steel Soap but you can improvise using your stainless steel kitchen sink. rub your wet hands around and back and around the sink. It takes seconds but the smell will be gonsky! It works like magic and the Scientists among us will know the reason. (Explanations welcome!)

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  • Situated half-way between Brisbane & Rockhampton
  • 40 minutes to Bundaberg
  • 50 minutes to Maryborough
  • 30 minutes to Woodgate beach
  • 60 minutes to Hervey Bay & Departure points for Fraser Island & Lady Elliott Island
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