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The nicest place!

We have been holidaying in Australia for 6 weeks and this would have to be the nicest place we have stayed. Pity we are running out of days before we fly out. Bak and Carol UK January 2019

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At the Cellar door

When you call into the Cellar Door this week, don’t forget to take some fresh rosemary from the Winery Herb patch. It’s such an aromatic, versatile herb. goes remarkably with beef or lamb and just the ticket for that tray of mixed roast veggies. the Little Cellar Rat is chuffed with how her herb patch…

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It’s countdown time….

Part of the enjoyment of celebrating with food is the preparation leading up to an event….. planning the menu, sourcing seasonal produce, delivering according to the season. The glorious buttery sun is a great ‘mood setter’ for working in the kitchen. Add to that the various aromas….. garlic, fresh herbs, fruity EV Olive Oil. The…

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Cheat’s Roast Pumpkin

It’s winter and that means pumpkins are at their best. This vegetable is hard to beat… pumpkin soup, steamed and mashed, roasted, in risotto. You’re only limited by your imagination. This might not be an ‘original’ but a CHEAT’S ROAST PUMPKIN when you’re short on time is hard to beat. It’s a two step process…

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They came on board, they joined the story, they were perfect guests!

The frosty Saturday morning morphed into the most glorious winter’s day. Everyone loves a story and everyone has their own story to tell.  WINTERFEAST 2018 gave TERRANZO THE WINEMAKER and MARIA  THE LITTLE CELLAR RAT the chance to welcome such wonderful guests to our table to celebrate the  producers of this region and traditions handed…

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FISH, EGG, MILK in wine! You’ve got to be kidding.

The media this week highlighted concerns by VEGANS about the use of fish, egg and milk products in the wine-making process. Yes, all have been and still are used to clarify wine…..HOWEVER….. We @ HILL OF PROMISE WINERY use NONE OF THESE in the filtering of our wines. Instead, we use FILTER PAPER AND LOTS…

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