Mango Hill Cottages &
Hill Of Promise Winery

  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Private Cottage
  • Double From $150 Per Night
  • Free Wine Tasting!

Mango Hill Cottages &
Hill Of Promise Winery

  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Private Cottage
  • Double From $150 Per Night
  • Free Wine Tasting!

Mango Hill Cottages &
Hill Of Promise Winery

  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Private Cottage
  • Double From $150 Per Night
  • Free Wine Tasting!

Mango Hill Cottages &
Hill Of Promise Winery

  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Private Cottage
  • Double From $150 Per Night
  • Free Wine Tasting!

They came on board, they joined the story, they were perfect guests!

July 19, 2018

The frosty Saturday morning morphed into the most glorious winter’s day. Everyone loves a story and everyone has their own story to tell.  WINTERFEAST 2018 gave TERRANZO THE WINEMAKER and MARIA  THE LITTLE CELLAR RAT the chance to welcome such wonderful guests to our table to celebrate the  producers of this region and traditions handed from generation to generation. You graced our table with your presence, cementing our philosophy …..‘when you have been blessed, build a longer table, not a higher wall!”

When it comes to herbs, FRESH IS BEST!

July 2, 2018

FRESH HERBS…. THE vital ingredient. Must have them near the kitchen, especially for ‘just-before-you-serve’. My fave – Lemon thyme (sorry BASIL, you too) strip and add to marinated feta, lamb meat balls, lemon chicken. Oh, I could go on! What about watering you ask. My tip – next post. buoa cucina! #cantbeatitalian,



June 20, 2018

Terranzo the winemaker and Maria the Little Cellar Rat have been talking about it for ages and now it’s happening…. THIS SUNDAY 24 JUNE 11.30 am on.
*WOOD FIRED PIZZAS (Large and Small – GF also)
* a simple Salad
*Hill of Promise Wine by the glass and Bottle
*VITTORIA Plunger Coffee

Bookings not necessary but would help the Little Cellar Rat with preparations.
W: 4126 3470 CD: 4126 1311 m: 0408 875 305

Citrus Season… save some of these little spheres of deliciousness and flavour for later!

June 13, 2018

With such an abundance of lemons now, why not put some juice aside for when they are gone-gone-gonsky! Yes, you can freeze as cubes but I experimented last season with a big batch of limes. Squeezed, strained and put into clean bottles the juice kept for 5 months. I loved the convenience  of zipping to the fridge for a slurp of fresh juice to add to Lemon, Honey and Soy chicken or to make a quick salad dressing with Macadamia Oil and a glug  of honey. I’ve just squeezed a large bottle of citrusy juice from this recent gift of produce.

buona cucina! 

Citrus season…. little golden balls of zesty flavour

June 10, 2018

We count ourselves very lucky to have very generous friends who are so happy to share the bounty of their home gardens. The Little Cellar Rat uses lemons and limes  all year round and oranges and mandarins when they are in season …. and that’s right now!  A big THANK YOU TO our generous friend DD for these flavoursome golden balls and to R and M for the cackleberries from the Girls.  I used both in a yummy LEMON DELICiOUS... and it more than lives up to its name!

Brrr…. just the weather for slow cooking and hot pots!

June 7, 2018

When it’s crisp and chilly outside, that means hearty warming dishes suited to big bowls, soup spoons and chunky bread.  Time to get up close and chatty with your local butcher and ask his advice about anything with a bone in it.  The cheeper cuts of meat just beg to be left to their own devices in a slow, low oven and a heavy pot with a lid.  Use basic old favourite recipes but don’t forget to add some glugs of red wine, tomatoes, fresh herbs, a little  chilli and paprika. Hearty dishes just suited to one of our HILL OF PROMISE REDS…..Jabiru Grenache and Blackbird Shiraz if dry is your choice or Nanna Gelso blend of CS,M and S if sweeter is more your line.

GIVE MARIA THE LITTLE CELLAR RAT a call to place an order, easy peasy, 07 4126 1311 OR 0408 875 305 OR

WINTER is finally here but Brother sun still lingers

June 7, 2018

Winter has finally arrived and touching all with his long thin fingers but Brother sun hasn’t deserted us.  You can still enjoy his company on the sunny cottage veranda, seated in a comfortable steamer chair, catching up on that promised novel or flicking through DELICIOUS and ITALIANICIOUS magazines.

A Feast, a food feast, friends and fun!

May 24, 2018

It’s in our blood….. sharing a long table with friends, feasting on delicious locally sourced dishes accompanied by our artisan wines.

That was the FEAST OF THE 3 SAINTS on the first Sunday in May. It’s become a tradition now and you can see why!

Want to be part of events such as this??? Contact MARIA The Litte Cellar Rat  C Door: 4126 1311    Winery: 4126 3470  0408 875 305

or e:

Upcoming  events:    WINTERFEAST   ‘Buon viaggio….. vino and a view” Sat 14 July 2018   Bookings:


Frid 27 July 2018  3 course, all inclusive $75 pp Pre-booked, Pre-paid.    Bookings open now:  contact Maria TLCR

Tranquil… relaxing.

April 14, 2018

Thank you, Mary and Terry,  for such a lovely stay. It’s been very relaxing and tranquil.


Leigh and Carl  April 2018 Hervey Bay

It’s nearly May….. time to celebrate the FEAST OF THE 3 SAINTS

April 10, 2018

May is almost here and that means THE FEAST OF THE 3 SAINTS ……  a time to celebrate TERRANZO THE WINE MAKER’S SICILIAN HERITAGE.

Join TERRANZO and MARIA THE LITTLE CELLAR RAT in the winery for our customary LONG TABLE LUNCH.

There will be pride and passion a-plenty with 3 courses with an Italian theme, local fresh produce and our delicious award-winning, preservative free wines and liqueurs (and that’s definitely where the PRIDE AND PASSION come in!)

WHEN:  SUNDAY 6TH MAY 2018 12.30pm kick off with 1.00pm 1st course sit down.


                      8 Mango Hill drive CHILDERS

$70 per person, all inclusive. Pre-booked and paid tickets only. 

Get a group of friends together or come on your own and strike up a while new clutch of them!

Phone Maria ‘the Little Cellar Rat’:

@ the Cellar Door 07 4126 1311 @ the Winery (07) 4126 3470 or  0408 875 305   


#tastebundaberg #thisisqueensland #southerngreatbarrierreef

Seating is limited so don’t leave it too late to book.

Photo:  Paul Beutel Photography 

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  • 50 minutes to Maryborough
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  • 60 minutes to Hervey Bay & Departure points for Fraser Island & Lady Elliott Island
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