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Mango Hill Cottages & Hill Of Promise Winery

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Nothing for lunch… never!

July 22, 2018
It’s not complicated if someone gives you a few tips! OVEN ROASTED CAPSICUM Stainless steel tray is best.  I do 6-8 at a time to make it worthwhile. Simply wash well (sand can get trapped in stem), put on tray in v hot oven (200C) and allow to swell up and 1/2 blacken skins. Cooked when stabbed with thin pointy blade… and knife pieces easily. Allow to cool and deflate. Various ways to peel off skin and remove seeds.  More important is to put strips on paper towel to absorb excess moisture. Put in a wide-mouthed jar, anoint with EV olive oil, add garlic, fresh herbs, chilli to taste, salt cracked pepper and they are ready to enjoy. Store in fridge?  certo! buon appetito.    

Cooler days.. time for inside things

July 22, 2018

When the mercury drops, thoughts turn to things to do in the warmth of the kitchen, especially if  you are lucky enough to have a north-facing window. (I do!) Time for … oven roasting capsicum and eggplant. Nothing for lunch?  Never, when you have smoky sweet strips of ripe red capsicum anointed with EVO Oil, fresh lemon thyme and a hint of chilli to drape on  your favourite toast along with marinated feta and slices of eggplant.  buon appetito!

It’s the unexpected things!

July 22, 2018

You look at a website and have  fair idea of what to expect and then when you stay you find there is much more!  We think this is a little gem, from the cottages built by Terry and Mary to the timber furniture crafted by Terry, to the warm,cosy  touches inside ( I had a feast just looking through the DELICIOUS and ITALIANICIOUS magazines) to that front verandah looking north and east. You DO go away with a skip in you step.

Now we know about this dear little spot, we’ll factor in a break in our journey north.


Beautiful spot

July 22, 2018

We’ve just spent a few days break here. The cottage is well equipped with everything you need… and more really. If it’s not there, you only need to ask. the front verandah is very calming and relaxing. this isn’t the first time we’ve stayed and it won’t be the last. Thanks Terry and Mary for creating what you have. See you again.

LS   Hervey Bay July 2018

Cosy comfort with a view

July 22, 2018

A quick stopover to break  a long journey was not long enough to enjoy all that was on offer here. A delicious breakfast eaten on the verandah in the sun was definitely a highlight. Beautiful garden setting and helpful hosts near at hand made this a perfect home away from home.

 J. Brisbane  June 2018

Buon appetito!

July 20, 2018

Two vital ingredients for any meal …. 1. an appetite and 2.  appreciative diners! We had both in abundance at  WINTERFEAST on Saturday 14th.

Maria the Little Cellar Rat was chuffed with the response to her version of TIRAMISU ( which of course means ‘pick-me-up’)

Matched with local SSS STRAWBERRIES  it was a light but delicious finale to our Long Table Lunch.

They came on board, they joined the story, they were perfect guests!

July 19, 2018

The frosty Saturday morning morphed into the most glorious winter’s day. Everyone loves a story and everyone has their own story to tell.  WINTERFEAST 2018 gave TERRANZO THE WINEMAKER and MARIA  THE LITTLE CELLAR RAT the chance to welcome such wonderful guests to our table to celebrate the  producers of this region and traditions handed from generation to generation. You graced our table with your presence, cementing our philosophy …..‘when you have been blessed, build a longer table, not a higher wall!”

When it comes to herbs, FRESH IS BEST!

July 2, 2018

FRESH HERBS…. THE vital ingredient. Must have them near the kitchen, especially for ‘just-before-you-serve’. My fave – Lemon thyme (sorry BASIL, you too) strip and add to marinated feta, lamb meat balls, lemon chicken. Oh, I could go on! What about watering you ask. My tip – next post. buoa cucina! #cantbeatitalian,



June 20, 2018

Terranzo the winemaker and Maria the Little Cellar Rat have been talking about it for ages and now it’s happening…. THIS SUNDAY 24 JUNE 11.30 am on.
*WOOD FIRED PIZZAS (Large and Small – GF also)
* a simple Salad
*Hill of Promise Wine by the glass and Bottle
*VITTORIA Plunger Coffee

Bookings not necessary but would help the Little Cellar Rat with preparations.
W: 4126 3470 CD: 4126 1311 m: 0408 875 305
e: mangohillcottagebb@bigpond.com

Citrus Season… save some of these little spheres of deliciousness and flavour for later!

June 13, 2018

With such an abundance of lemons now, why not put some juice aside for when they are gone-gone-gonsky! Yes, you can freeze as cubes but I experimented last season with a big batch of limes. Squeezed, strained and put into clean bottles the juice kept for 5 months. I loved the convenience  of zipping to the fridge for a slurp of fresh juice to add to Lemon, Honey and Soy chicken or to make a quick salad dressing with Macadamia Oil and a glug  of honey. I’ve just squeezed a large bottle of citrusy juice from this recent gift of produce.

buona cucina! 

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