Nothing for lunch… never!

It’s not complicated if someone gives you a few tips!


Stainless steel tray is best.  I do 6-8 at a time to make it worthwhile.

Simply wash well (sand can get trapped in stem), put on tray in v hot oven (200C) and allow to swell up and 1/2 blacken skins.

Cooked when stabbed with thin pointy blade… and knife pieces easily.

Allow to cool and deflate. Various ways to peel off skin and remove seeds.  More important is to put strips on paper towel to absorb excess moisture. Put in a wide-mouthed jar, anoint with EV olive oil, add garlic, fresh herbs, chilli to taste, salt cracked pepper and they are ready to enjoy.

Store in fridge?  certo!

buon appetito.