Herb scissors…. just the cut!!

The Little Cellar Rat is not a lover of gadgets – kitchen or otherwise – but does a little Happy Dance when she comes across one that is fit for purpose and makes a job quick and easy.
She likes to share her finds with other Foodies and GOTY (Gadget of the year 2019) has to be herb scissors. Want to snip a few chives, Italian parsley or mint over sliced jacket potatoes for an easy-peasy side dish….. Herb Scissors does it!! No chopping board or knife needed and it’s something you can do at the last minute. Around the $18 mark, you can pick them up at the most surprising places eg Post Office. Mine was a holiday buy when staying at Brunswick Heads.
buona cucina!! PS easy clean? Yes, they come with a tiny ‘brush’ to extract every piece and they are not sharp… so no cut fingers.