frittelle di cavalfiore (Cauliflower Fritters)

The Little Cellar Rat likes to have something in the fridge for a quick lunch.
She pulled these together very quickly this week and is loving them…. they tick most of the boxes: tasty, easy-peasy to make, will keep in the fridge and can be used in many ways.

Did I mention the Smoked Ham or bacon (optional) came from our local BUCKS BUTCHERY CHILDERS.

frittelle di cavolfiore

• 1 X small cauliflower, cut into florets
• 1 X egg
• approx 1/3 cup milk
• ½ cup SR Gf flour
• 3 tablespoons parmesan cheese
• chopped shallots
• minced garlic to taste
• chopped fresh herbs (basil, thyme, Italian parsley)
• Salt and pepper to taste
• few shakes smoky paprika
• finely chopped ham or bacon (optional)

Steam cauliflower and chill (cook a day or two before and leave in fridge)
Mash with potato masher.
Add egg, milk, cheese, herbs etc and mix well.
Add good olive oil to non-stick pan, cook as with other fritters – use about 1 dessertspoon, spread out with silicon spoon.
Turn with silicon spoon and a second spoon, so as not to break up.

Can be reheated in microwave.

Buon appetito!