ciao tutti! Put on the lipstick….

ciao tutti! Today’s post is for all of us WFH’ers (Work From Home-ers) …. the Little Cellar Rat has belonged to this group for some years now. She makes no claims to be an expert but finds these help:
1. Wear your favourite and most flattering lipstick.
2. Brush your hair regularly – it’s a wonderful, inexpensive massage for the scalp.
3. We’ re up to our elbows in hand sanitisers but a hand wash with Lemon, Patchouli or scented geranium is my favourite. Don’t stop at the hands, a face wash refreshes too. A shower break with your fave shower gel re-calibrates the body and mind.
4. Set the alarm for a Reading Reward Break…. a slice of Vasco Pyjama, Mr Curly and Michael LEUNIG is on the menu for TLCR today.
è basta…… alla prossima!!
‘Stay safe, keep smiling and remember we’re in this together’