ciao tutti…..Sunday …. zzzzzz …. and time for something slow-cooked.

ciao tutti…. Sunday and is that z-z-z-z-z-z I can hear! You most likely have something in the slow cooker bubbling away and filling the house with aromas that are nourishing and sing of flavour. In the Cellar Rat’s kitchen it’s slow cooked neck lamb chops with the usual suspects of red wine, tomatoes and fresh herbs. If you shy away from lamb because you find it too fatty, here are a few tips from experience and la cucina di Maria:
-cut off as much fat as you can BEFORE you brown lamb (the exception is a leg or shoulder to be roasted)
-spoon off any fat that remains at the end but you can also use several layers of paper towelling (one at a time) or throw in some ice cubes and watch the fat solidify. Sure, you can chill and remove later but if you want to enjoy immediately, these work for TLCR.
buona cucina! bun appetito!