ciao tutti! ‘All work and no play’ is not advisable for any of us. If you have Other Family Members working from home or Kids with an ‘Early Start to the Easter Vac’, PLAN FOR PANCAKES for Morning Tea break. OFM / the kids can whip them up. They can be as big/small, basic or fancy as you like: sliced bananas or any fresh fruit, a drizzle of honey, spoon of ice-cream or yoghurt and DON’T FORGET THE DUSTING OF ICING SUGAR. Use some of those nice plates you have + a knife and fork. delizioso! buona cucina e buon appetito!
PS IF like the Little Cellar Rat you are GF, GF SR flour is fine to use. Pancakes are great fresh. If you have any left-over, keep refrigerated and reheat in Microwave on MEDIUM.
The Cellar Door might be closed but Phone + Mail orders are still do-able and welcome 4126 3470 0408 875 305
Stay safe, stay smiling and remember we’re all in this together!