ciao tutti! PACKHAM PEARS packed with winter seasonal flavour

ciao tutti!

Packham Pears – packed with flavour, texture, seasonal goodness

Enjoy chunked with yoghurt for breakfast

Buy firm, sit on kitchen bench for 2-3 days to ripen and develop flavour

for a Delicious Dessert idea:  Slice thickly, cook both sides in butter, allow to caramelise then add squeeze vanilla,  sprinkle of mixed spice or Chinese 5 Spice a little soft brown sugar, shaving of lemon zest.

Serve with pouring cream, vanilla icecream on bnb plate with knife  fork and spoon.

mi dispiace….The Little Cellar Rat and TErranzo the winemaker got carried away with the deliciousness and didn’t get to take a pic of the finished product. buona cucina!  alla prossima!