ciao tutti…. It’s Saturday, the weekend…. yeah!!!!

Ciao tuttti! It’s Saturday, the Weekend. What’s lined up for the tribe at your place?
TLCR is calling today’s post ‘Waste not, Want not’ or ‘Good to the last drop’ Take your pick. It was standard practice in previous generations and has been in ours. Get the kids on board and see how much is left in tubes, plastic containers etc. when you think they are empty. It might be your tube of Vanilla Paste, Lemon Grass, Minced Ginger, toothpaste, handcream…. There are many options but a little spatula is essential: cut the end off the tube, use Mr S to scrape the contents together. If there’s enough for more than one use, employ a paper clip to seal it, especially if it needs o go back into the fridge. If it’s hand cream or the like, have that empty plastic vitamin / tablet container ready. You get the drift. For toothpaste use the head of a toothbrush to work every last bit to the cap end, then roll the tail up and sticky tape to secure in place. There are probably 4-5 more portions left. If you and your tribe have been doing this for years, congrats!!