ciao tutti! How are the WFHers faring?

It’s Wednesday! How are the WFHers faring and are you staying safe and sane.

Wednesday….hmmmmm. Few other words in the English language give as much trouble as this word when it comes to spelling. Like 6 out of 7 days of the week in English, this word comes from Norse culture. Think of it as Woden’s Day, named in honour of Woden, aka Odin, the Norse god of lightning and thunder. Woden is depicted riding in a chariot drawn by goats and with a hammer in his hand. Practical man by the sounds of it!
The words for this day of the week in French and Italian are based on the Roman god, Mercury (Messenger of the gods) so we have ‘mercredi’ in French and ‘mercoledì’ in Italian. If you squint and turn your head slightly to the side you will see the word ‘mercury’ in both! Oh, that’s not a typo with the words in lower case. Both French and Italian do NOT capitalise the days of the week.
alla prossima!!