ciao tutti … Friday again, time for PESTO!

Ciao tutti!  Friday and the end of the working week and it’s back to food.

Every cusine has its ‘go-to’ product, used as a staple for whipping up a meal in minutes and permeating so many recipes.  For Italians it has to be BASIL PESTO. The Little Cellar Rat has a pot of beautiful big-leafed basil in a pot outside the kitchen.  She made a batch last weekend as Mr B is already coming into flower. Next time it will be 50/50BASIL AND BABY SPINACH. Fragrant, creamy and rich, it originated in GENOA the Ligurian capital. FYI  ‘pesto’ comes from the Italian verb ‘pestare’ to pound, you know it already in ‘mortar and pestle’  buona cucina…. Buon appetito!