ciao tutti! CELLAR DOOR open today MON 14 JUNE 10AM -4PM

CIAO TUTTI!  Glorious sunshine here on the Hill!

Fantastic day to be out and about discovering why Queensland is called the Sunshine State.

Expect a G’Day from total strangers who live by the Irish dictum ‘ A stranger is just a friend you have’t met yet! ‘   

After you’ve enjoyed a stroll down one of our state’s most attractive and well-maintained country town, head on out to HILL OF PROMISE CELLAR DOOR for a great wine experience.

Oh, don’t forget to pick up  something tasty for a simple lunch on the verandah, afterwards.  Crusty bread, some gorgeous shaved  ham from local butcher BUCK AND SON, some of the Little Cellar Rat’s TOMATO RELISH and you have a feast. BUON APPETITO!!!