Cheat’s Roast Pumpkin

It’s winter and that means pumpkins are at their best. This vegetable is hard to beat… pumpkin soup, steamed and mashed, roasted, in risotto. You’re only limited by your imagination.

This might not be an ‘original’ but a CHEAT’S ROAST PUMPKIN when you’re short on time is hard to beat. It’s a two step process but dead easy.

Steam reasonable size pieces until just underdone. Drain well and tip into a hot pan that has a generous smear of EV olive oil.  Allow to brown nicely, use a silicon spatula and large spoon to turn each piece without breaking.

Once browned on both sides, turn heat off and sprinkle with your fave DUKKAH and my favourite herb – Lemon Thyme. Delizioso with little pork and parmesan meat balls, chicken or whatever is on the menu!

buon appetito!  PS  We were too hungry on Sunday evening to wait for me to grab the camera to take a shot of my cheat’s Roast Pumpkin.  There’s still another half waiting to be used.