CELLAR DOOR OPEN MONDAY 16TH MAY 10.00AM -3PM  for tastings and sales


CELLAR DOOR OPEN MONDAY 16TH MAY 10.00AM -3PM  for tastings and sales of our delicious preservative-free wines and liqueurs.  

Ever tried your hand at baking whole ricotta.  You can do all sorts of fancy things such as taking a chunk,adding EV olive oil, herbs, chilli then wrapping in foil and baking.  once cooled serve on toasted pane di casa or bruschetta.

The Little Cellar Rat prefers to  go for the simple and just flip the basket of ricotta onto a pyrex pie plate, drain and bake as you would a cake.  It will develop a wonderful crunchy edge, adding texture.  It’s versatile that way, meaning you can take it in any direction:  add the pre-mentioned savoury notes or once cooled, slice and drizzle with honey and toasted nuts  eg walnuts, pecan, almonds  or even a drizzle of vin cotto.   delizioso…. buona cucina!!


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