Spring here @ HILL OF PROMISE means it’s time to KICK OFF THE SECONDARY FERMENTATION STAGE of our next 3 MARYS SPARKLING SEMILLON. Winemaker TERRANZO and the support team of ELISA AND VERONICA (from Italy) and ALEXANDRA (from France) bottled 1 050 yesterday.  The yeast/wine concoction that was added to the base dry white wine starts a second round of fermentation, resulting in all those lovely CO2 bubbles produced  being trapped inside the bottle like princesses in a tower!  The bottles were handled like new born babies and carefully placed in crates,  where they will spend at least the next 3 months before the next stage of the story begins.  Stay tuned for progress reports!  (Yes, I was involved as the general Cellar Rat doing jobs hither and thither and providing sustenance for the winemaker!)