Mango Hill Cottages &
Hill Of Promise Winery

  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Private Cottage
  • Double From $150 Per Night
  • Free Wine Tasting!

Mango Hill Cottages &
Hill Of Promise Winery

  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Private Cottage
  • Double From $150 Per Night
  • Free Wine Tasting!

Mango Hill Cottages &
Hill Of Promise Winery

  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Private Cottage
  • Double From $150 Per Night
  • Free Wine Tasting!

Mango Hill Cottages &
Hill Of Promise Winery

  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Private Cottage
  • Double From $150 Per Night
  • Free Wine Tasting!

Basil cuttings ….. progress report

February 8, 2020

The Little Cellar Rat can’t imagine not having Basil in the garden or the kitchen! The plants have a limited life span, so in order to ensure a constant supply, you need to be continually encouraging new generations. It’s always heart-warming to see little plants appearing in the Herb Patch but they are also easy to strike in water, especially in the warmer months. It is fascinating to plot the growth of those tiny little white ‘bumps’ on the stems through to Rapunzel-like white wavy ‘hair’ and all in a matter of days. The one delicious Lemon Basil plant has self-seeded and a few pieces put into water in the kitchen for ease-of-use, have now sprouted roots and are almost ready to plant out. buona cucina!

There’s a green tinge again!

February 4, 2020

The Little Cellar Rat cannot remember a year that was harsher and drier than 2019 (and she’s lived here for 46 years) so it is just SOOOO delightful to see a green tinge returning, shoots on shrubs and trees and that unmistakable perfume of freshly cut grass.
No, the tanks aren’t full and the dams aren’t overflowing but it’s a start that puts a lightness in the step and a song in the heart!

Time to get those basil cuttings going!

January 28, 2020

I can’t imagine not having Mr Basil in the kitchen. He is such a versatile herb and the basis for so much ‘cucina siciliana’.
Well now is the time to get those basil cuttings going. Pick a few pieces (or beg, borrow or steal from a friend), stip the boots leaves and keep in water, change daily. Before you can say ‘la dolce vita’ you will have gorgeous white roots appear and ready to plant out in a few weeks.
These appeared after 3-4 days in water!

If you’ve kept seeds from a previous crop, get them into some soil at once and in no time you will have those fat little first two leaves popping up to greet you.
buona cucina!

It’s greening up again!

January 27, 2020

It doesn’t take long for nature to respond to rain.
If you keep your eyes open, there is always something to take you by surprise and energise your heart and soul.
This Brazilian cherry was given a serious prune. Just look at the response once life-giving rain came!
Happy Discovering to all…. be it in your own garden or that of a neighbour.

Buy local and you get more than just the product!

January 24, 2020

Here at HILL OF PROMISE a roast leg of lamb is a regular on the menu, no matter what the season. In summer, it doesn’t have to be the traditional hot roast + veggies with the little chef on the verge of heat exhaustion! Sliced, warm roast lamb dances very well with various salads, from warm potato salad right through to ones based on quinoa, lentil’s, brown rice and the like.
Our local butchers ‘extra-ordinaire’ BUCK and WADE @ BUCKS BUTCHER SHOPPE-CHILDERS not only have superb, top quality lamb but ideas on how to cook it as well.
A roast leg is really good value because it’s the cut that keeps on giving’, in the form of tasty cold meat for sandwiches and lunches afterwards.
The Little Cellar Rat swears by her 40-year old oval LE CREUSET – no oil, nothing but a dusting of flour, S and P, and a spring of rosemary (from the winery herb patch of course!) A lemon cut in half and removed 3/4 way through cooking is delicious, finely sliced on the side.
buon appetito!


January 17, 2020

You asked for a post to let you know the 3 RIGHT HANDS FORTIFIED RED is back on the self so here it is!
Just as luscious and syrupy as always.
Great with a sharp cheddar and muscatel grapes or whatever takes your fancy.

If you aren’t in the area, get a friend who’s passing through to pick some up for you! 07 4126 3470 or 0408 875 305 Too easy!!

Summertime…. and the eating is easy!

January 15, 2020

Some dishes come and go in cycles, some never go out of fashion. I feel this way about a QUICHE. The Little Cellar Rat is gluten intolerant and over time has adapted recipes to suit. Sometimes it is a bit of trial and error and usually involves finding the right flour.
This has been the case with a QUICHE which is so handy to have for a light lunch or evening meal. All it needs is a Garden Salad or Slaw/Salad.
This one has finely diced bacon or ham from local BUCKS BUTCHER SHOPPE.
When you visit the cellar door, ask TLCR for her recipe. Happy to share!!

Herb scissors…. just the cut!!

January 15, 2020

The Little Cellar Rat is not a lover of gadgets – kitchen or otherwise – but does a little Happy Dance when she comes across one that is fit for purpose and makes a job quick and easy.
She likes to share her finds with other Foodies and GOTY (Gadget of the year 2019) has to be herb scissors. Want to snip a few chives, Italian parsley or mint over sliced jacket potatoes for an easy-peasy side dish….. Herb Scissors does it!! No chopping board or knife needed and it’s something you can do at the last minute. Around the $18 mark, you can pick them up at the most surprising places eg Post Office. Mine was a holiday buy when staying at Brunswick Heads.
buona cucina!! PS easy clean? Yes, they come with a tiny ‘brush’ to extract every piece and they are not sharp… so no cut fingers.

The intoxicating perfume of IVORY CURL in flower.

January 9, 2020

The prolonged dry conditions have showcased which plant varieties will tolerate the lack of regular watering. One species which has shown its resilience is the IVORY CURL (or BUCKINGHAMIA.)
Have you been intoxicated by its glorious perfume? We’ve been calling it the CARAMEL TOPPING TREE for decades because that’s what the perfume immediately makes you think of. If you are not lucky enough to have one in your streetscape or garden, come on out to HILL OF PROMISE CELLAR DOOR and take in a headful of ours! There’s a table and chairs where you can sit and admire it…. beats a table in Tuscany! Or so we think.

‘Lemoncello on ice’… just the ticket for a thirst quencher

January 4, 2020

When the Festive Season seems to be all about chocolate, the freshness of citrusy Lemoncello on Ice is a definite thirst quencher.
Choose your favourite glass, add chuncks of ice and pour in a dash or two of LEMONCELLO. Sicilian LIMONCELLO is 40%, whereas our LEMONCELLO is 20%.
Adding a twist of lemon, lime or a sprig of mint makes it a little bit fancy… but there’s noting wrong with basic!

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